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  5. "- How are you? - I am OK!"

"- How are you? - I am OK!"

Translation:- Як справи? - Добре!

November 6, 2016



should "я добре" be accepted?


Not really, because the Ukrainian question is about your affairs and not about you directly. The answer is a short version of "Мої справи/Все добре!"


In English there are two different sentences each with it's own noun. The first sentence is the second person pronoun and the sentence ended. The second sentence is not unnatural to be an immediate follow up in anticipation of the response of the question where the speaker shares their answer for the same question that was asked. The suggested and only acceptable translation could infer that the speaker is asking the "you" if their response will be "good". I will input your ":correct answer" but verify this with a native speaker


Я добре should be accepted.


Should Duolingo accept "Зі мною все добре!" for the answer to the question? That is Google Translate's suggested translation.


They need another "я" block


"я в порядку" wasn't accepted.


If it means "how are things" the translation should be corrected ? and not "how are you"....Because I answered "я добре" and it was marked wrong.

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