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Ist die Bewerbung in Englisch gut so?

12 Blueball
Court Old Hall Green

Hertfordshire SG18 7DS Advertising agency High St Hertford SG19 5SY

Dear Sir or Madam

Hey! I am writing with references to your advertisement in today's newspaper Gazette for a job as a graphic designer in your company. I would like to apply for the job because your company has friendly employees and a good atmosphere. I have been informed about your company, that needs computer skills for the job. I want to work in the job because It makes me happy to work with computer and design programs. I have gained a lot of experience to date. I enclose my CV.

I am 15 years old and I am in the eight class of the IGS secondary school. My speacial subjects are Maths, English and German. I did work experience in several advertising agencys as a programmer, I very enjoyed it. It makes me happy to programm web pages for different companys. I would appreciate it if you could an application form to me.

I look forward to hearing form you soon. Yours sincerely

Leon Kiter

November 6, 2016

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eine gute Überprüfung deines Briefes bekommst du sicher bei www.lang-8.com


Schon mal eines am Anfang. Streiche mal das 'Hey!' oben... egal wie locker der Ami/Brite/etc oder Schwede ist & mit Hey bzw. Hej grüßt... niemals in einer Bewerbung bitte!! :)

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