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Usernames and Passwords.

I have 2 accounts on Duolingo. One for Spanish and the other for French. I forgot my French one so I clicked "Forgot Password" and it told me to enter my email, so I did. Then, I submit and it said for me to check my email. I checked Gmail and nothing was there. Do I have to know restart my French lessons? Is there possibly another way for me to sign in?

November 6, 2016



It will have sent the email to whichever address you gave it when you registered your account. If you don't know which email address that was, then you're out of luck, sorry.

You don't need two accounts to study two languages, though. In fact, it's a bad idea, because it leads to this sort of problem. The best thing to do is simply to add more courses to one account. Just hold the mouse over the round flag at the top of the screen, and click add a new course.


Gosh you are brilliant with your advice Hugh !

Also you can check out how to change courses


Thanks everyone! All the advice was very helpful! I used my school account for Duolingo and when it asked me to type my email, they told me to check my email. I did, nothing appeared. I had many levels completed and i'm afraid I have to start my French lessons ALL over! =(


If you can't recover it, you might benefit from taking the placement test. This will allow you to skip skills and lessons that you have mastered. :)

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