November 6, 2016



Please add 'psyche' and/or 'psiche' so that we can do the exercise without changing to Greek keyboard.


"psyche" has been included since the beginning with "psihi" as the Greeklish version. You'll find the Greeklish list on the Forum here by which you can do all the words without changing keyboards. However, please note that since we are awaiting Duo authorization Greeklish is not available after a certain unit. We hope to complete it soon.


Thank you for your many responses! Sorry for the duplication of my question.


When to use η, υ, or ι? I am unsure of the difference


I think we just have to memorize them all. From my understanding, there once was a distinction between their pronunciations, but there no longer is.


That's right.

It's like "ee" versus "ea" in English -- used to be a distinction, now we have to memorise words.

When learning Greek, English spelling can sometimes help, though :)

For example, the Greek goddess Ψυχή is spelled Psyche in English, which tells us that the middle /i/ sound must be upsilon (because it became "y" in Latin and then English) and the final one is probably eta.


Ooo, that's a good tip. Thanks! :)


Sounds like "see-he" in English?


It is "PSee Hee" and it is really clear. Think of "liPStick, or hiPSter" We do not have any words in English pronounce with PS at the beginning. It is hard for a native English speaker to say. But the recording is very clear.

Please read the Tips & notes (see the top left of the exercise page) to get some notes on the Greek alphabet.


I'm on mobile with awful speakers. You're absolutely right when I went on pc. Thanks again.


Yes, I've just tried it. If you know what to expect it's ok but the pc is clearer.


I'm still not entirely sure how to say this word..? Can anyone help?


This should do it. psee HEE. Pronunciation in Greek is pretty straight forward. What you see is what you say only there are some odd letters such as Ψψ. Just think liPStick. And put the accent on the second syllable. See here to listen to it: ψυχή

You should bookmark this page of resources: Greek

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    I'm kinda confused because duolingo didn't even teach me stuff we say on a daily basis and is showing random words that doesn't have to do with each other, except the letter [insert letter here]...


    You are still on the first skill which is aimed at teaching the letters of the Greek alphabet since many people either do not know them at all or only know them through an anglicized version which results in incorrect pronunciation.

    There are over 70 skills on the course. Trust me there will be plenty of vocabulary.

    Look at some of these links we have prepared to guide you through the course and if you need any help just ask.

    These links will not only show you how to get the Greek keyboard but also how to find the Greek letters on it, how to add accents etc.

    https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22040507 It will also help you learn the alphabet and where to find other

    HOW TO GET THE GREEK KEYBOARD https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23430663

    THE GREEK ALPHABET https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22424028

    And here is another link to help you navigate Duolingo

    FAQ - General Questions, Bugs & Reports https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23799672

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    If you have questions just ask.


    Is there a way to relate to how to say this on English? It's so fast. I basically got p-fish-he


    Please read the other comments on this page.


    Oh yes. For some reason I only saw the posts about getting a Greek keyboard. I'll blame it on being late at night. Thanks for the follow up. I'm curious to see if audio is better on a computer.


    Je n,ai pas lq possibilité d ecrire l alphabet grec du coup c est compliqué de finir les leçons


    I cant type in Greek on my laptop. Any idea?


    Please read the other comments on this page.

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