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Parent access for student progress question.

Hello, I am a teacher who uses DuoLingo with her students. I have a parent who wanted to view her child's progress on his account how can she do this? Is there a parent function? She was told she can log onto his account and verify. Thank you for your help.

November 6, 2016



Having multiple people logging onto the same account is usually a recipe for trouble, one way or the other.

The easiest way to do this is for the student to share their progress with their parent, the same way they do with you. That way the parent will be able to see all of the same information you can see.


As hughcparker says, the parent can sign up for Duolingo themselves and create their own Duolingo for Schools classroom only to observe their child. If they don't want to create an account, the student can add them as an observer in their settings by typing in their email here while logged in to the student account, and the parent should then receive a progress report weekly via email just like the teacher (but note that in neither case will the parent know what you assign to the class unless they join your classroom themselves).

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