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"It rains a lot in June."

Translation:Llueve mucho en junio.

5 years ago



Why do some sentences require you to preface a month with "el" and others don't?

5 years ago


Found this reference...

To express "in a certain month," use the preposition "en."

5 years ago


When i look in the dictionary, Llueva is listed under the subjuntivo, not past or present. Why is this not a present or past tense form?

5 years ago


? Llueve is present indicative and llueva is present subjunctive.

5 years ago


Why wouldn't "Lo llueve mucho en junio" work?

4 years ago

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The Spanish words "lo, la, los, las" only mean "it" when used in place of a direct object. They can never be used as the subject (with the exception of the last three being used to mean "the" of course). So technically speaking, Spanish doesn't have a translation for "it", and it is not the same concept.

4 years ago