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  5. "It rains a lot in June."

"It rains a lot in June."

Translation:Llueve mucho en junio.

February 11, 2013



Why do some sentences require you to preface a month with "el" and others don't?


Found this reference...

To express "in a certain month," use the preposition "en."


When i look in the dictionary, Llueva is listed under the subjuntivo, not past or present. Why is this not a present or past tense form?


? Llueve is present indicative and llueva is present subjunctive.


Why wouldn't "Lo llueve mucho en junio" work?


The Spanish words "lo, la, los, las" only mean "it" when used in place of a direct object. They can never be used as the subject (with the exception of the last three being used to mean "the" of course). So technically speaking, Spanish doesn't have a translation for "it", and it is not the same concept.

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