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  5. "Họ có bao nhiêu cuốn sách?"

"Họ bao nhiêu cuốn sách?"

Translation:How many books do they have?

November 7, 2016



Could this also be a rhetorical question "they have how many books "


Duo says no... but I think it should be taken because it's a logical equivalent in English to "how many books do they have" - though I feel like the rhetorical conveys more surprise or disbelief than the latter.

I would take it if I was duo, but maybe they feel it could confuse us, as that usage is less common than the answer they accept - even though it's closer to a literal translation.

I like the rhetorical sentence better, but unless you know the subtler nuances of English you might start to think all Vietnamese sentences are rhetorical lol


They've is not correct


The "have" in they've must refer to a past action - not possession of a noun. In English you can say "they've gone running," but not "they've 3 apples," you have to say "they have 3 apples," or "they've got 3 apples."


I have no native speakers in my area. It would help if all Vietnamese words and sentences were recorded.


Why cannot say "How many books they have"??


Why not ask... "They have how many books?" That ties better to the VN wording.


Iv e just answered this exactly the same as theit answer and it says wrong


Why no plural "những cuốn sách"?


"How many books have they?" must be correct

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