"Họ bao nhiêu cuốn sách?"

Translation:How many books do they have?

November 7, 2016



They've is not correct

November 7, 2016


The "have" in they've must refer to a past action - not possession of a noun. In English you can say "they've gone running," but not "they've 3 apples," you have to say "they have 3 apples," or "they've got 3 apples."


Why does it say GOT in the answer, and not in the translation?


Could this also be a rhetorical question "they have how many books "


Duo says no... but I think it should be taken because it's a logical equivalent in English to "how many books do they have" - though I feel like the rhetorical conveys more surprise or disbelief than the latter.

I would take it if I was duo, but maybe they feel it could confuse us, as that usage is less common than the answer they accept - even though it's closer to a literal translation.

I like the rhetorical sentence better, but unless you know the subtler nuances of English you might start to think all Vietnamese sentences are rhetorical lol


I have no native speakers in my area. It would help if all Vietnamese words and sentences were recorded.

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