"Are there cold seas even at Australian cities?"

Translation:Az ausztrál városoknál is vannak hideg tengerek?

November 7, 2016

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I was thrown by the "even", and tried to translate this as "Hideg tengerek vannak még austrál városoknál?" Should that be accepted? Or is there a similar "még"-based construction that should be?


You are rightfully thrown off, the translation is not correct.
But for "even", you need "még ... is". "Még" in itself is not enough. It would mean something closer to "yet" or "still". So, one way is this:
"Még az ausztrál városoknál is vannak hideg tengerek?"
Or you can switch the two parts:
"Vannak hideg tengerek még az ausztrál városoknál is?"


So "meg....is" is the best way to say "even" , in the sense that "even" is used in this sentence? (Since "even" has several meanings.")


"Még ... is", yes, that is the best way, to my knowledge.
And, for negative statements, it is, very similarly, "még ... sem":

"Még én sem tudom megcsinálni." - Even I cannot do it.


The translation is incorrect, the sentence barely makes sense.

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