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"Show me this red sweater, please."

Translation:Покажіть, будь ласка, цей червоний светр.

November 7, 2016



Add "Покажіть мені цей червоний светр, будь ласка" as correct, please.


Thank you for the suggestion! Please use the "Report a problem" button in the future.


Thanks for the comment!

Please do comment as well! Some contributors in the past keep replying "don't comment, just report". Don't listen to that. Please comment, then the comments show up here and I can respond immediately.

Otherwise the reports keep piling up and you might wait forever.

The reports are not organized chronologically, but section by section. And within a section, by the number of reports. So, in order to get to any report I have to just parse the whole tree and check all the reports. And there are normally 200-300, sometimes 500-700 per section, in rare cases up to 1000. There are some reports from 3 years ago that have not been checked....

So, do comment :)


Duolingo should accept "Покажіть мені цей червоний светр, прошу," right? I've reported it.


Not really.

Прошу is interchangeable with будь ласка when it means "you're welcome".

Otherwise, it's really not used when asking some one with "please". It sounds more like "I'm begging you", like you're desperate: "Покажіть мені цей светр, прошу!!" :)

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