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"Her favorite month is January."

Translation:Її улюблений місяць - січень.

November 7, 2016



How does one get around not having the appropriate characters on a Ukrainian keyboard? (In this case, Ii?)


On my (UK English) keyboard in Windows, Ї/ї appear on the key marked "}" and "]", which is just to the left of the upper part of the ENTER key. (This is the ENTER key in the main part of the keyboard, below BACKSPACE, not the ENTER key which you may have as part of the "numeric" block at the extreme right).


Я не можу набрати на клавіатурі букву і


I don't understand. If you can't type "і", how did you manage to type that question?

Both the "і" in your question are Ukrainian "і" (Unicode 0x0456) not Roman "i" (Unicode 0x0069).

Please explain better what it is that you want. For example, are you asking about Windows, Macintosh or some other platform?

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