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Why can't I assign individual lessons from an overall "skill"?

Hi all, is there a way to assign only individual lessons from an overall skill, e.g. the past tense? In Spanish, in order to do the assignment, you need to do all 10 lessons and that is - boring! Is there an option to just assign two or so? I have tried to find an answer (also in the discussion thread) but have been unable to. Any ideas? Thanks Claudia

November 7, 2016



There isn't at the moment, no. It's a good idea, though.


I want them to add this option too! I am finding it frustrating not being able to pick an assignment that aligns with what is being taught in the class at the moment.


I agree. I find that very frustrating!


Some of us are students or adults who have work to do. We can't spend time doing homework which is not from actual school. I mean, I'm younger than 20, and I have lots of work to do. Duolingo should really do something about this!


I would like to do the same thing- it is impossible to have all your students in the same place to make an assignment for a class. Unfortunately, it only allows them to a certain amount of time...


This is Most frustrating here too. I teach 3 different levels and they are not all on the same theme or topic by curriculum. I really hope they make it so we as teachers can unlock certain lessons/skills for our students to get the most out of the software or I and several of my world language co-workers will not find this useful for instruction, practice, or flipping the class.


It's very unlikely that it will ever be possible to do the course out of order. The lessons are designed on the assumption that the students have the knowledge from the previous skills.

If your students already have knowledge that isn't reflected on their Duolingo screens, though, they can test out of the skills that they know.


Would just like to add that this would be a great option to add for teachers.

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