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  5. "The green apples."

"The green apples."

Translation:Τα πράσινα μήλα.

November 7, 2016



Duolingo usually seems to allow homophone spelling mistakes as "Almost correct", but in this case μίλα for μήλα it did not, any particular reason?


Spelling errors/typos are overlooked as long as the misspelled word doesn't constitute an actual word. In this case "μίλα" means "speak". Of course "speak" has no place in this sentence but the bot doesn't recognize its usage, only that there is another word that sounds like μήλα. I've tried out the system using a variety of misspelled word, double word, words without accents or capitals etc. The only problem has ever been as I said if the misspelled word has another meaning.


Hints completely wrong. Starting to lose faith in this app.


Thanks for the notification. It has been corrected.


I typed my translation and then checked the hints before submitting. I was surprised by the hints but altered my translation accordingly. I got an "incorrect". My initial translation was correct!!!! This is now happening constantly and is very annoying. It may well be worth paying for Rosetta Stone.


I was surprised by the hints but altered my translation accordingly.

Don't do that.

The hints don't tell you to do anything. They're not suggestions or recommendations or answers.

You're the one who is learning German. You're in charge.


We made a mistake. Sorry. But constantly? That's not the word I'd use. What about the thousands of other sentences? Don't they count. But if Rosetta Stone is for you. Fine.

I was going through the hints from the Color skill checking for errors but had to go help fix the audio issues we had. I'll get back to the Color as soon as I can.


I agree about "constantly" . I should have used "consistently". I have been really enjoying this learning but the teaching method needs to be consistent in order for the student to have faith in it. Please appreciate that I am taking the time to give feedback. I want Duolingo to be as good as possible and up to this point it was both good and consistent. And thank you Jaye for making the corrections.


I have just redone all the Hints in the Color Skill and found 2 other mistakes. We'll be happy to correct any other errors we become aware of.

We too want Duolingo to be the best possible that's why we volunteer our time. And if sometimes we slip up we try to fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for your input it helps a lot.

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