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Learning Dutch

Hello Duolingo, Would it be possible to add Dutch to the learning languages at some point in the future?

February 11, 2013



Yes please!! I constantly check to see if Dutch has been added. I emailed Duolingo support asking if it was ever going to be added, and never heard back.


i luv duolingo! it's totally the best :) hahaha i also check regularly to see if dutch has been added. I just found the duolingo incubator incubator.duolingo.com which has an english for dutch speakers course in the making, so there's hope that someday there might be a dutch for english version too!


I'd love that too. I have some Dutch friends and really want to improve my skills. It would be wonderful! :)


I am trying to learn Dutch with Babbel but it's difficult because (in my experience) they throw words rather than sentences at you. I work in an office that is 95% Dutch, yet I'm playing at improving my French and Italian because that's all you have for me. I'd love to see a response from DuoLingo on this - all I've seen are requests! DuoLingo, do you need more translators? Are all the people saying they will help not filling in the contributor form? What's going on? We're only being so insistent because we love and appreciate your platform.


yes, I would like that also!


I too would like Dutch to come to duolingo!


Also looking forward to Dutch. I have a teen who wants to learn Dutch more than anything else.


Would love to speak Dutch! Any plans on this or release dates??


I'd love to see Dutch there too...this is such a good tool for my students who are learning French. Please keep up the great work!


No @GlenToovey Dutch is not in beta. That's English for Dutch speakers. I'd like to add my vote to add Dutch... pretty please! With a cherry on top!


As a moderator of the Dutch courses, I can say that the Dutch course for English speakers should be in beta within a month or so, depending on when Duolingo has finalized the tools necessary for us, incubator mods and contributors, to be building completely new (= not English-teaching) language trees. :)


@ Lavinae The Dutch course for English speakers has been at 99% for at least a month now and every time I want to know when it's going to be done, it says the release date is today. I just want to know when to reckon with the beta. If it's not going to be done before two months, why put it at 99% and get people's hopes up? Could you please make a wild guess and tell me how long it might still take at least, so I don't get disappointed every day? And why exactly is it taking so long? Is it because Duolingo has not yet - as you already said - finalized the tools you need? Or is there some other problem? I just want to know. :/


Please check our incubator update for more info. :)

We did not create the 99% estimate. That's based on an external algorhythm.

It won't be much longer.


How many bajillions of times do you think you've had to answer this same question, so far? :D


@ Lavinae Thank you for your swift and helpful answer! I'm sorry if I've asked a question that tons of people before me have asked you. Sadly, I'm only a beginner on this page and despite looking through this page for a while, I couldn't find anything that answered my question satisfyingly. Please never tire of us stupid beginners who do not always know how and where to find their answers and thanks again!


Yep, unfortunately it's not. I currently learn Dutch -> English, because there is nothing else. But it's awkward because I never hear the Dutch audio but English. That's why I'm using LingQ too - to get the listening comprehension as well. You just need to be creative about your learning resources ;).


I'd also love to see Dutch… My mother is Dutch and I never learned the language. I studied for a year or so but then had to drop it, so I'd love to get back to it.

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