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I know many people want to start reading authentic Irish content once they are finished or nearly finished Duolingo but find it too difficult; like the first time you listen to Raidió na Gaeltachta and just hear 'Tá blah blah blah agus blah blah blah mar blah blah blah'.

The two things holding you back are not enough grammar knowledge and a limited vocabulary.

In terms of grammar, the truth is that Duolingo really only covers the basics. I'd actually advise you to work through a textbook as well (maybe Colloquial Irish published by Routledge). You'll need to learn how to recognize a relative clause and the modh coinníollach if you're going to handle even children's books.

But, this isn't to counsel despair. There's a way to (partially) overcome your limited vocabulary.

One of the best sources for good written Irish on the internet is the Irish-language news site (can't praise it enough).

They've teamed up with (the best dictionary site for Irish) to install a new foclóirí feature on their interface. If you click the foclóirí button and then click any word in a Tuairisc article, it'll search for it on teanglann and show you the results in a window. Where words have audio on tenaglann this is also displayed. The dictionaries on teanglann aren't totally up to date so it may not help you with words to do with modern technology (though since teanglann and focló share sound files, you can still sometimes find audio for these words)

It doesn't let you search for phrases, which would be a much more complictaed feat of programming, but it is FAR more accurate than Google Translate.

You can read about it (in Irish) here

Bain triail as.

2 years ago

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The dictionaries on teanglann aren’t totally up to date so it may not help you with words to do with modern technology

I’ve found to be a useful site for technical terms (including post-1977 technology).

2 years ago

Agreed. Though I've occassionally encountered 'That's just government jargon that nobody actually uses' when I've tried to use some terms from tearma. Lucht an doichill...

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2 years ago

Has anyone tried this recently ? I tried it today (12/26/2017) and a popup window appears, but there is nothing in it. If I click the bottom of the popup it links to

1 year ago

The problem is that is now defaulting to a secure https: connection, but the content that it is calling for the popup is not using a secure https: URL, and by default current browsers won't let you mix content from secure and insecure sources (the terms "secure" and "insecure" are relative - "secure" content isn't always from a reliable source, "insecure" content isn't always from an unreliable source - signed and unsigned are probably more appropriate terms).

Unfortunately, doesn't seem to be responding to https: requests, so it will require modifications at both and at teanglann,ie to get this working properly.

In the meantime, there are instructions available for temporarily working around the issue in Firefox]( You can probably find similar workarounds for Edge or Chrome, or whichever browser you prefer to use.

1 year ago
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