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Q:?! Important: In the Vietnamese language, subject pronouns and object pronouns are the same.

From the first lesson's basic tips , can anyone explain exactly what that statement means , it's implications ?

November 7, 2016



That would be like if in English we used "me," but never "I." Example: Me try hard to learn Vietnamese. It would also by the same for third person personal pronouns like she/her and he/him. Example: Him like her. It sounds weird in English, but it's not that abnormal outside of IndoEuropean languages.

Edit: Just a quick note. We already do this with "you" and "it" in English.


OK , thanks I just was wondering how that was applied..... :)


Hi JanPaulido, thank you for supporting the course. Sorry that we took so long to reply to your question. User no.name.42 explained it correctly. Whether the person causes the act, or is acted upon, the pronoun doesn't change. "Cô ấy ủng hộ tôi" (She supports me). "Tôi ủng hộ cô ấy" (I support her). As you can see, the pronouns just switch their places, they don't change. Hope this helps.


Thanks !! The answer was one of those things that is obvious , once someone says it , lol. Cảm ơn bạn !


And thanks for your work ! I am loving vietnamese , there is a very large Vietnamese population in my home neighborhood in my city here in the U.S. , Can't wait to talk to new friends !!!


That's wonderful to hear. Vietnamese can be challenging, but it's a very vibrant language.


I'll just leave this up , for anyone else who asks


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