Yes, indeed, some of our students are more advanced than the rest. We should be able to set up individual assignments.

November 7, 2016


In between now and that feature being implemented, you could set up different classrooms for different ability groups.

That is actually a good idea. I never thought of that, but SUCKER! I don't know who is more advanced than whom.

As a very general rule of thumb, often but not always, it is the students who always seem to pull B+ and A's that are advanced, and those who generally pulls C+ and lower is often behind. Yes, there are exceptions across the board. I would have been one of those exceptions. However, this might help give you a rough grouping method.

And no, I will not discuss all the ins and outs of this method as I am fully aware of the pros and cons. Sometimes, taking a homeschooling approach is just better.

Life is never fair, but hard work and lots of it helps level the playing field. The less advanced students need to work much harder and longer to keep up. And after a while they will be at even level if not surpassing the advanced students if they continue working harder and longer than them.

I know for a fact, that you did not learn much, if anything in the Learning Disabilities courses. How? Special Education specialist know better! We know that the person whose brain is not wired for Geometry is never ever going to be able to pull the amount of hours needed to wrap their brain around it! I was tutored in Geometry by 3 teachers and none of them could get me to understand proofs.

Also, those with some sort of brain damage, do not miraculously become MENSA just because they ditched life and did nothing but study every day, all day except for the 9 hours of sleep they need. They do not miraculously become B+ students or A students. It does not work that way. I know. I was one of those students and bent over backwards to over-achieve, and do exactly what you just stated. I ended up graduating losing honours by ONE POINT! My grades were all over the page from A- to C. I was never capable of pulling a straight A. EVER! And, I tried to really hard!

I do find it well worth the financial cost to learn how to teach those who do have Learning Disabilities. It is an eye opener!

It's not really fair to those more advanced than others to hold them back. Since Duolingo shouldn't be the focus of the curriculum, let them work at their own pace.

I'm guessing you're a student?

yeah that would definitely be fair!

Hi! Sorry to say we do not yet offer such a feature. Have you considered creating XP assignments?

Well, let's just do things the best we can. After all, we are teachers. We should be able to handle responsibility.

I made each of my students their own class to solve this!


That's a good idea. But how many students do you have? I haven't yet been able to figure out if there's a way to assign all classrooms the same number of XP without having to create a new assignment for each one. I would go crazy if I had to do this 139 times! Is there something I don't know about?

yes that will be fair

This is so annoying! I read about Laura Ingalls Wilder, who was held back from her class after two months of teaching a school which was miles away. This is UNFAIR!

The reason why having each student in their own classrom is the best solution for now, is because the deaf can learn foreign languages, but can not be forced to learn to hear and speak using duolingo. And, those with cognitive disorders shouldn't be forced to be MENSA and the MENSAs' should not be forced to act like they have my cognitive disorder. (I was shaken as a baby until I passed out, thus I have random recall.)

FYI I may be "learning" several languages at once, but what I am really doing is recording the vocabulary on a spreadsheet. From there I will put those words into various games that will help me cement the vocabulary and recall those words better. I do recall some of the words on Duolingo. I also use Memrise, KanaFree, TakosJapanese, Verb for Children (in several languages), ScribeJapan and Rebotomy. Next year, my progress here will actually reflect my reality. I will most likely create a new account next year, so that my levels will be more accurate. I use several resources to force my brain into action and learning. I have no issues switching between languages, as my brain always considered English (my native tongue) a foreign language!

Yes. I can speak about 6 languages, counting my local ones but I think that what you're saying is true.

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