"He is a doctor."

Translation:Είναι γιατρός.

November 7, 2016



Γιατρός or ιατρός?

August 23, 2018


That's right! Those are the two possible spellings.

August 23, 2018


But why is γιατρος wrong here?

August 25, 2018


Possibly because you left off the accent -- I'm not sure how strict Duolingo is with that.

Otherwise -- what was the entire sentence that you wrote?

Just γιατρος obviously is not a translation of "He is a doctor".

August 25, 2018


I wrote "Αυτός είναι ένας γιατρός" and was marked wrong with correct translation given as "Αυτός είναι ένας ιατρός". Given that γιατρός is an alternate spelling of ιατρός shouldn't the first be accepted?

September 12, 2018


I wrote: είναι ένας γιατρός. Why is this wrong? I learned only use Αυτός when you want to emphasize 'he'

April 12, 2018


How come the indefinite article is allowed to be omitted?

November 7, 2016


Sounds way too indefinite in Greek to say αυτός είναι ένας γιατρός, (because the person is already introduced, you just said he is...), to the point that saying this phrase with the right expression would result in irony (degrading the fact that he is a doctor, actually that he is one of the many doctor in this world), because in Greek ένας/μια/ένα is not only the indefinite article, but also means "one", and they are not really separate, so there is no reason to specify that he is "one" doctor, he couldn't be two after all. So, it's not a really native way to say "Αυτός είναι ένας γιατρός", it is used in the cources in the first lessons for education purposes. Ένας γιατρός is used mostly if you want to talk about a doctor that the person you speak to does not know, or that you do not wish to specify, for example: There is a doctor in athens that...=Είναι ένας γιατρός στη Αθήνα που...

November 7, 2016


Marking me wrong for 'Αυτός είναι γιατρός' & suggesting only 'ιατρός' would be correct. This doesn't make sense. I have seen 'ιατρός' but I'm sure that 'γιατρός' is actually much more usual.

September 15, 2018


Γιατρός came up as a typo

September 25, 2018
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