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Microphone not working in Firefox

I could not get the microphone to work in Firefox. It works fine in IE, but I prefer Firefox. I am using a Logitech USB headphone -- which is probably part of the problem.

Great site, by the way!

June 18, 2012



I have enabled the permissions to the microphone in Firefox in secure connection (the padlock in the bar) / more information / security. But I can not get it to work and in https://es.duolingo.com/settings (duolingo configuration) the microphone option does not appear. As they say it is not compatible with Firefox. I suspect that Duolingo is owned by google, that's why it privileges the chrome browser that is from google, so that your browser has more users. chrome


Sort of a bummer that Duolingo doesn't fully support Firefox. Not only does the microphone "not work", the option to enable it or not doesn't even appear on the Duolingo Settings screen under Firefox 60.0.2. So I guess Snoopy (Google) is going to know I use Duolingo.


I have the same problem. Probably, Firefox engine is not compatible with this option.


On windows, the microphone option only works with the evil and invasive google chrome.


BTW Opera support microphone too.

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