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  5. "An aontaíonn tú leis?"

"An aontaíonn leis?"

Translation:Do you agree with him?

November 7, 2016



is unite not acceptable too?


Aontaigh can mean "agree" or "unite", but "Do you unite with him?" would be an unusual construction in English. If anyone ever asks you An aontaíonn tú leis?, it's a safe bet that they are asking you "Do you agree with him?"


It also means "to get on (well) with" but that is a sense of the word agree


You wouldn't use aontaigh for "I find him agreeable".


How would you say : I get on well with (someone)? I am trying to learn as many phrases and words as possible and thanks to all your (and other) comments my notes and my skills inrease a lot. Go raibh mílle maith agat


"Táimid an-mhór le chéile", "Réitimid le chéile" - "we get on very well together"
"tá mé an-mhór leis" - "I get on very well with him"

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