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  5. "το γράμμα ι"

"το γράμμα ι"

Translation:The letter i

November 7, 2016



How are we meant to know which 'ee' sound is needed when translating this from sound alone?

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Good point! That shows you already have a good grasp of the alphabet if nothing else! There is no context here therefore any of the three ee letters should be correct. However, if I understand correctly, the Duo course only allows for one correct answer for listening exercises, so this sentence has to be reviewed.
This skill will be changed in the new tree, so I suggest a little patience, learn the alphabet, complete the skill, and move on to the more fun stuff! :)
Welcome to the Greek course!


Why is it not correct to write γιώτα in this instance? Makes no sense and does not seem an incorrect answer


I totally agree with this comment, and see the same comments said over and over again, it needs sorting, i find it so frustrating.

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When the exercise type is "Type what you hear", then ι, η, and υ should all be accepted as answers.


The letter i is pronouned yiota but it pronounces it ee. I didn't see a prompt for the sound or name of the letter.


How do you know whether to spell γ or write full spelling? When it asks for το γραμμα γ it's the opposite, το γράμμα γιωτα this is very frustrating... please can you sort this?

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You clearly know the Greek letters. since this Skill has several bugs please just go on with more interesting and less troublesome Skills.

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