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Plain URLs not working in comments?

I just tried pasting a simple URL like http://www.google.com in a comment and no link was created. The Markdown method works: Google.

February 18, 2014



That is currently the case - you cannot mix Markdown and plain urls. Hopefully we'll implement an in line editor to unify the two methods, but the assumption was that people would not be trying to use both in one post. Guess we were wrong =P


What is the rationale behind the link colouring? Plain URLs are coloured blue and Markdown links are normally coloured grey, like Davu, but why is Google blue in my link above and grey here?


Maybe that's the problem - you can't use both styles in the same post!


Could be. Let's try again:
C. excitans

Edit: That seems like it might be the case!


Thanks. Without your post I wouldn't have spotted that.


Yep, I was surprised how quickly Bchan could come by with a workaround for the escaping issue. Seems like they just deactivate the interpretation of raw urls if corresponding markup is present in order to avoid the ">" problem. Makes sense once you know it.


Yep, that's it. I noticed that a few days ago on a different post; you can't mix.


It worked for me yesterday using [title] (url) <---take out the space between the two

Testing A Guide to Duolingo Guides it worked.


It works for me here, but i cannot make it work in comments, am i missing something?


Yes, the Markdown way works fine for me, but if I use that style, then any plain URLs I quote in the same comment do not generate links.

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