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"This bus goes to Gyor, but that one goes to Sopron."

Translation:Ez a busz Győrbe megy, az pedig Sopronba.

November 7, 2016



I would suggest using "and that" for "az pedig" instead of "but that" Because "az pedig" is more likely adding an option/choice (at least here) than emphasizing the difference.


Greg, from what I am reading and seeing it isn't.

Halad has the sense of progressing or moving in a direction relative to something else (static or moving) and doesn't seem to have a direct English equivalent... perhaps no surprise there. Halad is used to talk about progress on a construction project for example.

Megy is a much better choice here even though it looks perhaps a bit basic. One might be tempted to add a modifier such as el- if you want something better. However that has a perfective aspect "a completed action" and here the bus has yet to go so even that may well be inappropriate.


Thanks, Nick. Try using the "REPLY" thingy.


Is "halad" inappropriate here?


Yes. The most likely location od this question is a bus terminal: which bus WILL go there. "Halad" suggests a situation during the trip, having a speed already.

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