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Progress Sharing

I'm new to using Duolingo. I want to know how to have multiple people with progress sharing. I also want to know what the discussion thingy is. Can I just ask questions like this?

November 8, 2016



Don't worry. That's what this forum is for. For discussing stuff like guidelines, teaching techniques, stuff like that. Keep using the forum, and you'll be as good at using duolingo as anybody else.


Hi there!

Here is a staff-made Help Guide to the School's classroom feature (where people share progress). Please note, the Duolingo Guidelines as people not to share certain private information, including things like email. So, please do not share a classroom link anywhere on the website. Thanks! ^_^

Here is a community-made guide to the forums


Thank you so much!


Progress sharing with multiple teachers is no problem; just use the progress sharing part of the settings, and add the 2nd teacher the same way you added the first one.


Progress sharing is currently not working for me as usual. Sure, I can go to each student individually and view their log, but that's extremely time inefficient. I usually get a weekly email and I can usually track it on the Dashboard as well, but some of my last week assignments still say "Pending," so I've lost 2 tracking functions since last Monday when I realized an update was made allowing us to post-date the start of assignments; and, I'm glad for that. Something, however, is awry.

Anyone else with this trouble?


I am new too you can share other things


hey can i send my progress Via email to somebody?

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