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"Хлопець і дівчина будуть танцювати."

Translation:A boy and a girl will dance.

November 8, 2016



What a weird way of saying this sentence in English!! Sounds "too foreign"!

[deactivated user]

    Could you please suggest a more natural translation? Or at least point out at the words that are particularly wrong?


    I think the word "guy" is a bit out of context here, it's too colloquial and used more like "чувак". І'm not a native speaker, but fluent enough for it to sound unnatural to me too :) I think "boy" would be better here.


    Agreed, guy is too colloquial. Boy would be more suitable. Especially since we don't know how old the people are. You wouldn't typically call a young fella (younger than 12 or so) a "guy"

    Native English speaker


    'The boy and girl will be dancing' is an option for this translation. Possible scenarios are: 1. To describe a future action at the beginning of a scene in a play. 2. What will happen at the beginning of a celebration when the special guest enters the room.

    Although 'A boy and a girl will dance' is technically a correct version of the translation, it sounds awkward and more like the phraseology you would hear from a non-native speaker.


    The indefinite articles make it sound creepy. The boy and the girl will dance seems fine. A boy and a girl will dance... the exilir will be consumed and the suns of planet whatever will burn bright red, and only then will the transformation come to pass... Sounds like part of sone ritual when they want a random boy and girl to dance.


    I laughed out loud at your take on this, but you are so correct. Let the incantation commence!


    Interesting how it sounded weird to me with the A as well. It sounded old English or weird wording in a poem. I am learning so much I never noticed from my native language! Not sure why it sounds so weird to my ears though...

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