Translation:A guy and a girl will dance.

2 years ago



What a weird way of saying this sentence in English!! Sounds "too foreign"!

2 years ago

[deactivated user]

    Could you please suggest a more natural translation? Or at least point out at the words that are particularly wrong?

    2 years ago

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    I think the word "guy" is a bit out of context here, it's too colloquial and used more like "чувак". І'm not a native speaker, but fluent enough for it to sound unnatural to me too :) I think "boy" would be better here.

    2 years ago


    Agreed, guy is too colloquial. Boy would be more suitable. Especially since we don't know how old the people are. You wouldn't typically call a young fella (younger than 12 or so) a "guy"

    Native English speaker

    1 year ago
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