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Duolingo can't play sound in my browser.

Every so often, I get an error message saying that Duolingo can't play sound in my browser (Firefox). It suggests that Flash has crashed, though I don't know exactly if that is the issue. Relaunching Firefox fixes the problem, so it isn't a huge deal. However, there is a pattern to it. It always (and only) happens when I run out of hearts on a new lesson. If I run out of hearts when practicing - never a problem. If I run out of hearts while learning a new lesson - always need to restart the browser before starting the lesson again. Like I said, it's not a huge issue, but might this be a bug?

February 18, 2014

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Hi lakesnay! What type of computer are you using?

Windows: Although I don't use this type of computer, I hope I can help. Try going to your settings and checking "Sounds". In that tab, check for anything that could be blocking it. Also, if you can update Adobe Flash, I strongly suggest that you do so. Not updating important softwares can really cause trouble for you in future. If neither of these work, I can only tell you to use a new browser. I think Google Chrome and/or Safari are good browsers to use. Oh! And download or use a virus-checking software to scan for bugs that might be causing this problem.

Mac: This is very similar to the Windows instructions, but I'm going to use the terms on Mac. Go to "System Preferences" and press "Sounds". Once again, try searching for problems that could be causing this. Also, update Adobe Flash (if you can), because like before, updating important softwares is a must! Outdated softwares is very bad and will cause trouble! If neither of these work, switch your browser. I suggest Google Chrome and Safari. Otherwise, download a virus-detecting software/application to check for bugs, viruses, or malicious softwares.

For both types of computers, I also suggest you reinstall Firefox. Is yours currently the latest version? Wow, this took a long time to type on iPad. Hope this helps! :)

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