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  5. "Θέλω ξεκούραση."

"Θέλω ξεκούραση."

Translation:I want to rest.

November 8, 2016



Is this word related to "κουρασμένος" (tired)? In my understanding, ξε indicates (here) the removal of, or getting over something. Please correct me if I am wrong!


Been on a guided tour of the Akropolis " we will have a rest now"? Good " I need a rest" I think we could include " I want a rest", especially since " I want to rest" is a verb. I want rest, refers to a general need for rest " the patient needs rest" but "I need a rest" refers to a short period of rest. Does the Greek phrase cover both? "Give us death, dark death, long rest or dreamful ease" :-)


I agree, "I want a rest" is something that people do say in English.


This is a bad translation. The English versions should be as follows:

I need rest. (best translation)

I need a rest.

I need some rest.


This i better translated as «I need rest».


Does "I want some rest" is unacceptable?


Why is the word relaxation listed as an option? Not accepted.

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