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daily reminder

But, please, in 24h format and with selectable timezone? The AM/PM leaves me clueless.

February 11, 2013



Nice idea. You /are/ learning a language though. Why not just learn AM/PM too. Much of the world uses it, so you might as well anyway.


Mails show up in the middle of the night anyway without a fixed timezone so how is your comment helpful? As for why not learning AM/PM.. 1. The majority of the planet uses a 24h clock system (ISO 8601, google it) 2. 12am/12pm (3. Ante meridiem means "hours before noon" implying a reverse count, basically this is where the current AM usage is correct)

Thank you good sir/madam for making me prove my point and for reminding me that jokes and irony online may be wasted on masses.

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