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"She is going to the office on Wednesday."

Translation:Mae hi'n mynd i'r swyddfa dydd Mercher.

November 8, 2016



Why ddydd not dydd?

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Both are accepted, the mutation is avoided in the early units for simplicity.


Hmm. It seems odd for a course which has a strong tendency to mark "casual Welsh" wrong actively to teach a non-standard form "for the sake of simplicity".

Ddydd Mercher is correct, but people often say dydd Mercher. Agreed, and it's perfectly fine, I say, to accept both answers. But flagging up an objection when some of us submit ddydd Mercher in our answers -- because "some courses do not teach it until later on" (but do they really teach dydd Mercher for on Wednesday early on?) is something else.

Such "simplification" seems a bit of a slippery slope to me -- and is teaching that Wednesday is dydd Mercher while on Wednesday" is ddydd Mercher* really so hideously complex a task in any case?

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Thanks for the comment and the questions.

The course should always accept the correct answers, in this case ddydd Mercher and please report any instances when this doesn't happen and we'll happily make corrections.

At present there is only one 'standard' course for teaching Welsh to adults so we've tried to stick to its conventions where possible with some variations.

In my years of teaching Welsh to adults one of the greatest difficulties in the early stages for many learners is the concept of initial consonant mutatation. This course has been designed so that users can construct meaningful sentences without needing to use mutatations in the initial units.

This is only the first approx 10% of the course. Once the concept is introduced in the unit 'May I' then sentences with the appropriate mutations are expected when appropriate.


...ddydd Mercher is 'better' Welsh for '...on Wednesday'. Not everybody uses the mutation in casual Welsh though, and some courses do not teach it until later on. If you look at the Welsh media, though, you will notice that the mutation is almost always used when 'on' a day is meant.

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