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Settings in german


I am learning italian in english. How can i change the settings in german? On my app it is in german and as i am german it would be great to learn in german on the website as well.


February 18, 2014



Hi KaBarth,

I am thinking this is a problem localized to your phone settings and nothing to do with Duolingo's settings. But, the people in Troubleshooting should have a more definitive answer for you. To move your post there directly, click Edit at the bottom of your post, add the name of your operating system/browser/device to the body of your post, then go to the top of your editing window and click on Sections: Duolingo select Troubleshooting from the drop-down menu.

Good luck! ^_^

PS To find the Troubleshooting forum in the future, go back to the General (aka main) Discussion forum where you posted this, look to the right of the page and you'll see several other discussion forums, include Troubleshooting. :)


On the web you can't learn Italian from German yet. On the app your seeing your localization settings at play.

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