"Igen, ezek a fák is az erdőből vannak."

Translation:Yes, these trees are also from the forest.

November 8, 2016

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Yes, these trees are from the forest too? What's wrong with that answer?


Still not fixed 2 years later


The position of too is really awkward...


Duolingo seems to battle a lot with deciding where to place "too" - often at the end of a sentence, sometimes earlier in the sentence, but they almost never use "also" as a substitute for "too".

Yes, these trees are also from the forest


Having 'too' at the end sounds better in English


What is wrong with "Yes, these trees are out of the forest, too." Granted - it is not the most elegant sentence, but I have seen sentences way worse that that. "TOO" and "ALSO" should be treated as equivalents.


Good question. Why is 'out of the forest' not accepted?


"out of the forest" makes the trees sound AWOL - okay if you are doing walking trees from Lord of the Rings I suppose. That is they should be in the forest but they are misplaced - they are "out of the forest". If they are normal trees that have been harvested, "from the forest" sounds better.


"Yes, these trees are also from the woods." should be accepted too.


ok, i still don't get 'is'

i thought it stands after the word (same as 'too' in english). therefore: "Igen, ezek a fák is az erdőből vannak." -> "Yes, these trees, too, come from the forest." (i.e. apart from other trees) with also that would be "Yes, also these trees come from the forest."

otoh "Yes, these trees are also from the forest." would be something like "Igen, ezek a fák az erdőből is vannak." (i.e. some of them might be from plantation, garden, park, whatever)

what am i missing?

(btw my bilingual wife says the same (so does wiktionary https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/is#Hungarian. but wife trumps internet ;-))


"too" and "also" are often ambiguous in English. But here, no matter where you put it it can have only one meaning in English (because a tree cannot be in two places at once).

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