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"Qual é a composição do conselho?"

Translation:What is the composition of the council?

February 18, 2014



If you can have the phrase 'the composition of the council', then you must allow the phrase 'the council's composition' and not just 'the council composition'.


Yep, this calls for some reporting.


Ordinarily such constructs are permitted either way, but it seems that this far down the tree there has been a bit less vigilance about it. I lost a heart on a similar issue earlier.


Anyone else have a problem with the fact that the hints for "conselho" are "advice" or "piece of advise"? I feel like, and have reported endlessly, that if they give a hint that works they should accept it in the answer or remove the hint. Consistency would really help in the learning process.


Well, yes, in this case 'conselho' must mean council (from context), but it can also be an (piece of) advice. Principally, I do agree with your request, but I realise the hints are generated by a computer using a dictionary. Also, sometimes I appreciate to learn that word can have alternative meanings.

Out of curiousity...how did you construct a sentence in English here in ordet to use the word 'advice'? :-)


It's been a while but I will try to recreate it: "What was the nature of the advice?" "what was the composition of the advice." Agreed, it was a stretch.


Ahh...good, thanks! I didn't think of that possibility.


'makeup of the council' should be allowed.


It marked "What is the composition of the counsel?" wrong, but I had thought both council and counsel translated to conselho? If not, how do you say counsel in Portuguese? [I was picturing a judge asking for opposing counsel's statement here, hahah]


Composition of the council is very much academic language in UK English and sounds really clanky. We would say make up of the council.


I'm with Deb above; "What's the composition of the counsel?" should not be wrong. Council & counsel basically are the same word, and both translate to conselho.

There's a lot of things that get marked wrong which, pretty much, are correct. I cannot figure out how it why this is wrong.

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