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"Tôi cần một sự ủng hộ đơn giản."

Translation:I need a simple support.

November 8, 2016


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Not sure "simple support" makes sense in English...

November 8, 2016


Only makes sense if 'support' is a noun rather than 'simple' being a noun. Like a support to hold up a structure. They might be trying to say, "I simply need support". I've said that to my wife often enough. :)


đơn giản is an adjective qualifying sự ủng hộ rather than an adverb modifying cần. if I were to say "I simply need support", I would say "tôi chỉ cần sự ủng hộ"


So, if someone said this sentence would you expect someone to hand you something to hold up something? Is that what this sentence is trying to say? Because "Tôi cần một sự ủng hộ đơn giản." Just seems like a weird sentence if that's not the case.


I would expect the listener to tell me "cheer up".


"sự ủng hộ" is a noun. The Nominalize lesson teaches that "sự" changes a verb or adjective into a noun. ("ủng hộ" is a verb.)


That seems like a different definition of "support"--do both apply? As in, both the physical support of holding up a ladder, as well as the abstract support of, say, a political campaign? I don't know why that was the first definition that came to my mind.


I have no idea what this sentence means.


This translation is completely off. Based on my understanding of ủng hộ from various Vietnamese teachers and friends in Vietnam, it means support in a moral sense. As in cheering someone on or comforting them. Not physical support. In which case "a simple support" is wrong. I suppose it could be the equivalent of "I need some simple support." But it can't be "a" since moral support isn't a countable noun. You can't have two simple (moral) support. But you can have some simple (moral) support.


yes, that should have been translated as "some simple (moral) support" or "any simple (moral) support".


I think this would make more sense as "I need a little support."


This is a weird sentence in english. What is "a simple support"?


The English sentence only has one possible meaning. For example: "I need a simple support to keep the broken table from collapsing." In other words, "a" is appropriate only if "support" refers to a physical object. If "simple support" refers to somebody giving me help, defending me, or arguing in my favor, then the sentence should be "I need simple support." or probably "I need some simple support." Using "a" with this meaning is wrong.

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