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"Ich bin es"?

Hello, I've just been speaking to one of the bots on duolingo and it said "Ich bin es" I understand this translates to "it is me" but is there an explanation why? literally this translates to "i am it" but could you not say "es ist ich" ?

November 8, 2016



No, you can't say Es ist ich.

You could say Das bin ich. but that's slightly different, of course: "That's me." (e.g. when pointing to a picture in a book to say that the person depicted on the photograph is you).

But in a situation such as "Hey Paul, it's me, Linda", German would use Hallo Paul, ich bin's, Linda.

(I don't think I'd use the uncontracted form ich bin es.)


You can't use "ist" with "Ich"


That's true, but "Es bin ich." would also be wrong. I'm not quite sure why, as "Der Schuldige bin ich." would be a correct sentence.


Does that also relate to mich and mir aswell?


No, not necessarily: das ist mir egal, das ist für mich unwichtig.

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