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  5. "Αυτή είναι μία αρκούδα."

"Αυτή είναι μία αρκούδα."

Translation:It is a bear.

November 8, 2016



We use the same verb. "Αυτή ειναι" which means "she is" and "αυτοί είναι" which means "they are". You can understand it from the αρκούδα. The bear is female in greek. So it is. Αυτή είναι αρκούδα.


Does this sentence mean both "She is a bear" & This is a bear"?

Thanks in advance!

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Αυτός/αυτή/αυτό are both personal and demonstrative pronouns so they can be translated as either he/she/it or this. However, in English, only pets are referred to as he/she, therefore you wouldn't really say 'She is a bear'.


How can I understand this by ear without context, if αυτή and αυτοί have the same verb είναι?


I don't think "They are a bear" makes sense - how can several people (or things) together be one bear?


Grammatically correct though - could be two people in a bear costume!


You are right! I'm confused.


If you would like to say, 'she is a bear' in greek, is it stressing αυτή or omitting μία or how?


Something like "Αυτή είναι αρκούδα".


Once I had a bug : all the propositions were wrong and it was impossible to choose είναι. I have a screenshot but don't know where to post it.


I have a screenshot but don't know where to post it.

Upload it to a website somewhere, please (e.g. an image-sharing host), then post the link/URL in a comment here.

(It's not possible to upload an image directly to a Duolingo sentence discussion.)


So the translation is wrong? αυτη means "she" but it is translated as "it"


Bear is feminine, so it takes αυτή as the pronoun. But bears generally are animals, not people, so "it" is implied, not "she". But if you were explaining what costume your sister were wearing, then "she is a bear" would be the correct translation.


with all of the other verbs to learn in this section, this exercise is a waste as we've already demonstrated in several other sections that we know how to use this

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