"A barna kutya a kertben kergette a fehér cicát."

Translation:The brown dog was chasing the white kitten in the garden.

November 8, 2016

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how can we say 'the brown dog in the garden chased the white kitten'?


I think it would be the same

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    I have been wondering that as well. Maybe the word order. I think maybe "A kertben a barna kutya...


    As far as I understood it, places never attach themselves to subjects or objects, so it should not matter where the place appears. But as it is it is even the focus in front of the verb, probably because it is where the chase happens and kind of important.

    A barna kutya, amely a kertben, a fehér cica kergette.
    The white kitty cat is being chased by the brown dog (that is) in the garden.
    (I doubt that makes much sense in either language. Unless I did get some crucial bit wrong, it would not in German either. Der braune Hund, im Garten, verfolgte das weiße Kätzchen. Na, I don't like it. The place appears like it doesn't belong to the sentence. It should be either in front or at the end. )


    A barna kutya = topic
    a kertben = focus
    kergette = verb
    a fehér cicát = other information?

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