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Japanese lesson: い adjectives

There are three types of adjectives in Japanese, and I will be showing you a few of the most common -い adjectives, as well as how to conjugate them to negative, past, and negative past tense. As always, native speakers, please correct me if I'm wrong.

い ajectives conjugate very easily. Below is what can be used for all of these

Past tense: -い、replace with かった (katta)

Negetive: ーい、Replace withくない

Negative past tense: ーい、くなかった

EXAMPLE: あまいーIs sweet

あまくないーIs not sweet

あまかったーWas sweet

あまくなかったーWas not sweet


可愛い(かわいい)kawaii- Cute

高い(たかい)Takai- High/Expensive

安い(やすい)yasui- Cheap

甘い(あまい)amai- Sweet

美味しい(おいしい)oishii- Delicious

まずい(まずい)mazui- Bad-tasting

苦い(にがい)nigai- Bitter

古い(ふるい)furui- Old


あの人はとても可愛(かわい)かった...ano hito ha totemo kawaikatta...

That girl was really cute...

このドレスは安(やす)いよ!kono doresu wa yasui yo!

This dress is cheap!

あのアイスクリームは美味(おい)しくなかった. ano aisukurīmu wa oishikunakatta.

That ice cream wasn't good.

甘い夢の中、彼はあたしをキスした... amai yume no naka, kare wa atashi o kisu shita...

In my sweet dream, he (boyfriend) kissed me...

イギリス料理は苦い。igirisu ryouri wa nigai

English food is bitter.

今日から、頑張ってね!kyō kara, ganbatte ne!

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November 8, 2016



I think there's a typo. You put -u instead of -i for the negative line.


It's fixed, thank you for telling me.


man, i wanted to learn japanese after french but this just seems massively confusing.


It gets easier haha, don't worry. Good luck if you decide to try!

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