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"He is a man of great influence."

Translation:C'est un monsieur de grande influence.

February 11, 2013



why is C'est un homme de grande influence wrong?


Yes, it makes no sense :(


It is now accepted. (I used "Il est un" by mistake.)

Correct solutions: • C'est un homme de grande influence. • C'est un monsieur de grande influence.


Why is it incorrect to say "Il est un homme de grande influence" ?


I believe you mean "C'est un homme..." because when the noun has an article, one uses 'c'est' instead of 'il est'.

However, "C'est un homme..." is still marked as incorrect, as Patrik pointed out. I submitted it


I agree that there is no reason to translate this into "monsieur" rather than "homme."


I'm also wondering this

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French has some very 'interesting' rules for when you use c'est instead of il est or elle est. I am not sure that Duolingo always follows them rigidly. If you want a quick overview you can check here http://french.about.com/library/weekly/aa032500.htm


I had everything correct except for 'monsieur' also. Perhaps DL is attempting to confirm the man's great influence by calling him a 'monsieur' which is a little like 'gentleman'. But I still reckon 'home' should be right.

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