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  5. "Är du uppe så här sent?"

"Är du uppe här sent?"

Translation:Are you up this late?

November 8, 2016


[deactivated user]

    What is the function of "här" in this sentence? Could you just say " är du uppe så sent?


    här is frequently used to form a meaning of "this", more commonly in e.g. det här, but also here.

    So, in essence:

    • så här sent = this late
    • så sent = so late

    That said, the meanings are so close here that we accept it both ways.

    [deactivated user]

      Tack så mycket. I appreciate your explanations.


      Why isn't "Are you up so late?" accepted?


      It should be. They are interchangeable.


      Why isn't 'are you awake this late' accepted?


      'awake' is vaken, which isn't the same as 'up' and uppe. You can be awake but still in bed. :)


      What's the difference between upp and uppe?


      "Upp" is a direction. "Uppe" is a position.


      Does uppe only mean up in the sense of awake or does it also mean up in the physical sense (up a mountain)?


      This is not strictly a question in English, if you are asking this, then you already know the answer, ideally in English you'd ask, "why are you up this late?" It would be like saying are you in this room? If you are asking that person, who is in this room, you already know they are in this room.

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