"My house is on the right."

Translation:Мій будинок праворуч.

November 8, 2016

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I thought моя хата is my house мій будинок was my building


Is "хата" a fine translation for "house" or it sounds weird?

[deactivated user]

    This depends on the type of 'house'. Хата evokes images of traditional rural houses:

    A picture "Summer, little hata, mallows" by Serhiy Kol'ba. On the right side of the picture, there is a one-storey rural house. It's white, likely to be made of clay, and  and the roof is made of straw. Near the house, red, pink and white mallows bloom. A road goes from our side of the picture to the house, and mallows bloom near this road too, just near us. On the left side, a simplistic wooden fence is seen. Tall sunflowers grow behind the fence, blooming with yellow flowers. In the back, a well can be seen, and a big field with some trees.

    The rural houses no longer use roofs made of straw, tiled roofs are much more popular, but хата is normally a dwelling for just one family, and it's not often used for city apartment complexes. But it can be used for a single apartment, though.

    Since Duolingo doesn't have any context, and so we don't know what kind of 'house' is 'to the right', I believe «хата» should be accepted, too.


    Can i say додому?

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