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Impossible to reinforce "Noel"

For the past week I have been doing at least one timed practice per day in the bonus section "Noel" (english from french). It should have been golden by now, but nothing happens. I had noticed something similar at the beginning of January, and I managed to turn it into golden by going to vocabulary and practicing weak words one at a time. I noticed then that some of the words never show up in the timed practice. Now that the vocabulary list is not available, the only option to reinforce the unit is to redo all three lessons.

February 18, 2014

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I have a similar problem. Today I saw that the word “risks” is the weakest word I’ve learnt in English (starting from French). According to Duolingo this word is part of the unit “Affaires”. So I did the final test of “Affaires” but still the word showed up in the list as the weakest one, even if i repeated the final test ten times. Then I did every of the five lessons again, including lesson 2, where this word “risks” is listed. Nothing happened. It is still the weakest word. I also think that the word “risks” never showed up in any lesson or test !! Anybody got an idea what might go wrong here, and how to solve it? A Duolingo bug?

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