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I have students who have XP points but system says no complete assignments?

November 8, 2016



I've had the same problem. Isn't there some way that their XP could be recorded and shared with the teacher for conversations with bots since I give them a grade for their XP points?


Yes, that is our intention but won't happen for a while. However, we will try to make it a little better sometime this week: we will make a change that will allow chatbot XP to show up in the student's activity log (the list of activities you see when clicking on a student in your classroom), which will allow you to double check where the XP is coming from, and I'm hoping it should then also be listed in your weekly progress email. =]


XP from Immersion or Bots doesn't count towards assignments. It's likely that's what your students have done.



It's available on iOS devices. It's like chatting with people (texting), but you're texting a computer.


I have students who have completed their "skills assignment" but the system says "not completed"...


The most likely explanation is that their mobile devices haven't had a chance to synchronise their data with the server. Your students will need to connect their devices to the internet.


So if the student is using their own data on their phone it won't calculate their points? I'm sorry can you explain this?


The app on the phone records data. For calculating streaks, reporting to teachers, etc, what matters is what's on the server. The phone has to send its data to the server. If it hasn't had a chance to do so, the data on the server will be wrong.


What would prevent the information from getting to the server? I’m just trying to rectify this because I teach 350 students- and this is happening to at least 5 in each class-that’s close to 60 kids whose accounts I need to click on to open their activity logs. Trying to minimize that plus their frustration.


The same thing that stops any other app connecting to a server - flaky internet connections. If they're all using a reliable internet connection that isn't overcrowded, there won't be a problem. If too many are sharing the network, or if they're using the mobile phone network and they don't have reliably strong signal, then it might not work immediately. It will then synchronise when the app is next able to contact the servers.

It will also fail if they don't do their homework, of course :)


I am having this exact issue with many of my students. I checked and they are not doing Bot Chats. When I open the students activity log they have all the xp they were supposed to complete and it says "Sept 23, 2018 8:46 PM Flirting lesson 1/3 10XP" Why does this not count towards their point accumulation for the assignment?


I love the bots for my students and am looking forward to those XP points counting towards an assignment. Thanks for letting me know about checking their activity logs.


Has there been any update to XP showing up for bots on the student's activity log? It is not showing up still for my students.


Not yet. Still something that's in the works though. Sorry it's taking so long ^_^

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