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  5. "Oni są blisko domu."

"Oni blisko domu."

Translation:They are near the house.

November 8, 2016



Would "they are close to home" work as a translation too?


Yes, it works.


Wouldn't On a sa bliska domu work as a feminine form of the same statement?


No. You made few mistakes. The correct feminine version: One są blisko domu.


Could it be also "They are near a house" (=near some house)? Thanks


Yeah, technically it could. It works.


Is "they are almost home" the same?


Not really, because it implies they are coming back home, but what if they just left and they are 'still' close to their house?


Hello , I thought that Blisko meant close as opposed to near because there is also an emotional component inferred in being close to someone, and I also had they are close to home marked wrong and yet you say previously in this discussion that it works, so what actually is the difference between being near to something and being close to it, many thanks.


Well, I can't speak for English, but in Polish I believe both should work, although 'close to' is the more literal translation.

"They are close to home" is accepted, it should have worked.


In English:

Close: physical and emotional

Near: only physical


There is also a saying that something 'feels close to home', which means that something feels familiar and gives you a positive homely kind of emotional response, regardless of where in the world it may be. For example eating food in a foreign country that tastes like something your mum used to make.

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