"Semmilyen autó nem áll a garázsban."

Translation:There is no car in the garage.

November 9, 2016

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Why isn't it 'no kind of car'?


That would sound a bit weird to me in English. But the meaning of "semmilyen autó ..." is indeed much closer to "no car ...". This is just one way Hungarian likes to say it.
Imagine this:

Q: What kind of car do you want?
A: ...

What would you say? "None"? "I do not want any"? "Not any kind"?

Hungarian would likely say "Semmilyet".


Why is not accusative semmilyenet?


So in English I would say: "Not any" short for "Not any kind"


In this sentence the "any" wants a plural "cars". If you add "kind" it can be "car". So:

There is not any kind of car in the garage.

Or There are not any cars in the garage.

According to Cambridge University (to check my feel of the mother tongue)

"We use any before nouns to refer to indefinite or unknown quantities or and unlimited entry:"

Did you bring any bread?

If you use any with a countable number then noun is plural:

Have you got any cook books?


I don't think that anyone says a car is 'standing' in English, almost always a car is 'parked' in the garage


There is no car of any type in the garage?


This seems a bit "wordy" to me.
Nincs autó áll a garázsban? - There is no car (parked) in the garage?


Tielbert is right. "Nincs autó áll a garázsban" does not work.

If you want a shorter variant, you can use:
Nincs autó a garázsban.
or Nem áll autó a garázsban.


I might think wrong, but nincs is a verb, as well as áll. Só you have something like "There is no car parks in the garage".


There is no kind of car standing in the garage. Not accepted, reported. I don't care if it's weird. Duo is packed full of weird sentences and it's no good saying it's weird as a ruse by which to say that it can't be right. Yes, nincs autó a garázsban would have been so much simpler and sometimes Duo goes out of its way to introduce complexity where it isn't needed.


This is a sentence I have never heard in English.


I think there is a fair bit of fairy dust being spread around just now. The previous question (for me anyway) was the Nincs semmilyen virag in the window. and the pundits all fought hard for " no kind of flower" in this question nobody is fighting for " no kind of car in the garage" It is not wrong just different!!! Merry Christmas everyone..


The English translation for the given answer is "Nincs autó a garázsban", which is actually also a much more idiomatic way of expressing the sentence in Hungarian. I cannot imagine a native Hungarian speaker saying "Semmilyen autó nem áll a garázsban", for which the English translation, "No kind of car is standing in the garage" is equally clumsy, and not accepted although literally correct. .

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