"Це номер двадцять."

Translation:It is number twenty.

November 9, 2016

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"Це номер" is correct but everytime I say a number it's incorrect it hears everythimg right except the numbers and I'm pissedddddddd


"Це номер" is correct but it does not identify the number even if I am saying it correctly. My husband is Ukrainian and I asked him to say the phrase to see if Duolingo would also mark it as wrong for a native Ukrainian speaker and indeed it also did not accept my husband's answer. The only way to get past it is to click the button that says "I can't speak right now"


so, the difference between the "teens" and the multiples of 10 is a small “на“ ? tricky, tricky !


Duo displays, Цеmeans It is, here is, and this is. But "Here is number thirty" was incorrect...


The hints give all translations of the word that are used in the course. Often they are not completely interchangeable. The best translation in the given context is the first one. For this sentence it is "it is."

"Here is" would be "ось (це)."

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