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"We eat the bread, you drink the wine."

Translation:Mi esszük a kenyeret, ti isszátok a bort.

November 9, 2016



What about "a kenyeret esszük, a bort isszátok"? Nothing puts the focus on the pronouns, right?


It's correct but it is sounds better with 'mi'/'ti'


"You" can also be iszod. There is no way to know that it is supposed to be ti and not te


Looks like both are accepted. I typed "Mi esszük a kenyeret, te iszod a bort." and it was accepted as correct.


Kiemeltem a mondat elejére a tárgyat, ami azt eredményezte, hogy helytelen lett a válasz. Ennyire talán nem kell szigorúnak lenni.


Doesnt specify whether to use a plural or singular you, so it marked my answer wrong. Plus a lot of the time you can leave the pronoun out and still be gramatically correct.


I am still getting the conjugations wrong! :(

eszik to eat (pres. def): eszem, eszed, eszi, esszük, eszitek, eszik

iszik to drink (pres. def.): iszom, iszod, issza, isszuk, isszátok, isszák


Can you also say "a kenyeret essünk" and "bort isszatok"?

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