"We eat the bread, you drink the wine."

Translation:Mi esszük a kenyeret, ti isszátok a bort.

November 9, 2016

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"You" can also be iszod. There is no way to know that it is supposed to be ti and not te


Looks like both are accepted. I typed "Mi esszük a kenyeret, te iszod a bort." and it was accepted as correct.


What about "a kenyeret esszük, a bort isszátok"? Nothing puts the focus on the pronouns, right?


It's correct but it is sounds better with 'mi'/'ti'


I am still getting the conjugations wrong! :(

eszik to eat (pres. def): eszem, eszed, eszi, esszük, eszitek, eszik

iszik to drink (pres. def.): iszom, iszod, issza, isszuk, isszátok, isszák


Kiemeltem a mondat elejére a tárgyat, ami azt eredményezte, hogy helytelen lett a válasz. Ennyire talán nem kell szigorúnak lenni.


Why is it isszátok and not isszitek?


Iszik is an antiharmonic word (and besides, a pretty irregular verb in general). There are words like this with i/í and é sometimes, especially one-syllable words, sometimes two.

Having said that, "isszitek" wouldn't be correct even with front vowel harmony - it would be "iszitek" then. The ending for front vowels is -i, for back vowels, it's -ja and j assimilated to sz.


Can you also say "a kenyeret essünk" and "bort isszatok"?


Doesnt specify whether to use a plural or singular you, so it marked my answer wrong. Plus a lot of the time you can leave the pronoun out and still be gramatically correct.


But like, what was the answer?


Both singular and plural are accepted. It's likely that you made something else wrong (such as using the indefinite verb instead of the definite).


Are the pronouns necessary? From the verb form it is known who we talk about; olso singular you should be accepted


You can't stress something that isn't there. Here, the point of the sentence is to contrast different people by their activities. In this case, of course you need to mention the person(al pronoun) so that you can mark the we-you distinction the point of the sentence.

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