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If I speak Spanish and I want to learn French, then what I have to do?

I do not want Duolingo in English but in Spanish. http://1drv.ms/1bIttI6

Are you getting it? It is in English. My sister does not know English but I want her to learn French.

I use this app at iPad 3. Salut.

February 18, 2014



Vielen Dank! Es war sehr einfach.

Saludos desde Argentina.


But it is not available in the app version. I can not select "French from Spanish". Look at this: http://1drv.ms/1c10Tw2. How can I contribute to translate that version? Thanks a lot.


French for spanish speakers is still in beta. Perhaps they do not want beta stage courses on their apps. Until the course is complete you can use the web site. The Ipad should have Safari available.


Not that it helps your problem, but the Android version has Spanish to French. I'm sure that the apple version will get the update soon.

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