Meaning of the word "iż"

I found this word (iż) in a prayer, and I was wondering about the translation of it:

"Spraw, by wszyscy ludzie poznali, iż w nim tylko jest prawda i zbawienie."

Dziękuję z góry!

November 9, 2016


That's a very bookish (seems almost archaic to me) version of "że". I like it personally, but you rather won't encounter it too often. Sometimes if you have a text with a lot of "że" the author can change some of them to "iż", as Polish generally tries to avoid repetitions.

November 9, 2016

It basically means "that", like "that" in this sentence: It was certain that he was going to make some great improvements". It has the same meaning as the common in everyday speech "że", but it is used in a very formal language, older books or documents.

November 11, 2016
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