"Melyik autók pirosak? Semelyikek."

Translation:Which cars are red? None of them.

November 10, 2016

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Which teachers at Duo is professor of the Hungarian language? I have to say: Semelyikek. Even here the colloquial usage would be: Egyik sem. However, it is free and beta! Thanks a lot for the good work, but the errors should be corrected,


is semelyikek like amelyikek...not really a word...and it should be semelyek?


A very good question!
And good questions are sometimes hard to answer.
"Semelyek" definitely sounds wrong. That is a non-existent word, as far as I know.
"Semelyikek" would be the choice, of the two. But I do not like that choice, either!

The real ideal answer would probably be "Egyik sem."
Or, as a second choice: "Semelyik." A simple, singular answer.


I would actually expect a singular "semelyik" here as the question word is also singular. Am I right in that assumption? The current version with "melyik" and "semelyikek" feels disharmonious.



So I had to read again and again that amelyikek is no word in many of the DirCon lessons, it should be amelyek, but with semelyik its plural is semelyikek and semelyek is no word?

The irregularities never cease to amaze.

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