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  5. "Hvornår henter du mig?"

"Hvornår henter du mig?"

Translation:When are you picking me up?

November 10, 2016



"When are you collecting me?" was not accepted. This is wrong. My Danish family use this word all the time to mean 'collect'


Can you collect one person from somewhere? I only know that as "pick up".


I also think "when are you collecting me" should be accepted.


Can you "Henter en pige på klubben?"... pick up a girl at the club?


No, 'at hente' only means to pick someone up physically in a car or to meet them and follow them home.

To pick someone up at a club, you would use 'jeg scorer en pige/fyr på klubben' or 'jeg får en pige/fyr med hjem' (bring a girl home)

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